Important Tips To Improve Your Basketball Skills

Basketball is one the most fun sports. Whether you are a learner or a pro, there is always a sense of belonging once you get attached with basketball. To some, it is a source of entertainment. To others, it is life, meaning their lives practically revolves around it. Professional players sustain a good life through playing basketball and earning millions. The tricky part is, however, how to learn and improve in it. It takes great commitment to learn and be good at it. Below are a few tips to help you improve your game.

Tips to improve your game

Correct dribbling posturefnggrehsdrrestr

Adapting a proper posture when dribbling will help you go a long way. There is a certain position you need to align your body to for you to dribble effectively. Take a comfortable position that will also allow your feet to move. Ensure that your knees are aligned to your shoulder width and let your knees be at apart. Do not keep them locked as doing so will limit your mobility. When in the right position you can now dribble the ball and ensure that the ball does not bounce higher than your waist.

Learn to use both hands

Most people are born either right or left handed. In basketball, you will need to be good with both hands. Practices daily especially putting more effort on the disadvantage arm to make it get used to the ball. Being able to use both hands will improve your game as you can easily utilize the killer move called crossover to bypass your opponent and go straight to the basket easily. You can learn this move by setting down several cones in a straight line and start dribbling around it.


Keep your eyes up

One of the most important thing in basketball is always to keep your eyes up. You should learn this in your early stages of handling the ball. With time you should be able to dribble without looking at the ball comfortably. To effectively master this move, set a target with which you will set your eyes on as you dribble the ball. Repeat this move daily until you can easily run with the ball while dribbling without setting your eyes down.


Above everything else, discipline is the most important virtue you need to instill in yourself. Set a timetable and ensure that you adhere to it faithfully. Consistency is quite important if you really want to learn something. When practicing, do not slack just because you are alone. Push yourself to the limit and don’t quit no matter how hard it is. One way to stay committed to exercise and discipline is to work with a partner or a coach to help you grow with your basketball skill.